Milagro 250g

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Place yourself in an exotic destination enjoying the outstanding aroma of a Milagro coffee

Savor a luxury experience with Milagro's excellent high mountain coffee aroma and exquisite aftertaste. It has been passionately created since 1974 for you to relish its rounded body and fruity sweetness that ends with a taste of hazelnuts and almonds. To ensure that you enjoy its outstanding characteristics, we harvest, process, roast and seal Milagro 100% within The Farallones Estate.

  • Type : Arabica-Caturra coffee beans
  • Altitude : 2000 +mts
  • Harvesting : 100% manual
  • Wash : Wet process 
  • Sorting : 100% manual 
  • Roasting : Medium
  • Score : 84+ points 

One of the finest Colombian coffees according to 2017 Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Excellence

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