Milagro Honey 250g


Take your imagination to a moment of utter luxury with one of the finest coffees in the world

We invite you to enjoy our limited edition coffee, Milagro Honey.

Through the most rigorous fermentation process, we have painstakingly created the coffee that makes it possible for you to find intense and pleasant honey notes, along with its fruity sweetness and a vinous taste. You will experience an unforgettable delight limited for those who only accept the finest. This can only be acheieved by harvesting, processing, roasting and sealing Milagro Honey 100% within the Farallones Estate.

  • Type : Arabica-Caturra coffee beans
  • Altitude : 2000 +mts
  • Harvesting : 100% manual
  • Wash : Wet process
  • Fermentation : Honey process 
  • Sorting : 100% manual 
  • Roasting : Medium
  • Score : 84+ points 

One of the finest Colombian coffees according to 2017 Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Excellence

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