Hario Drip Pot Woodneck 480ml hand brewer - environmentally friendly


With the Drip Pot Woodneck by Hario, the focus is on the taste, because by using this Japanese filter system and a cotton filter, more oils (flavor carriers) get into the finished coffee - this leads to significantly more body and taste intensity than when preparing with a paper filter. The system is made of heat-resistant glass, natural wood and leather like a paper filter. The only difference is the use of the drip pot with the appropriate cotton filter. A filter for DFN-3 / DPW-3 is used for the 480 ml version. This is also reusable, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves the regular purchase of new filters. With the Drip Pot by Hario you can create a coffee with a wonderfully full body that inspires. 

  • Japanese filter system for coffee preparation with cotton filters
  • For an excellent full-bodied coffee result
  • Consists of heat-resistant glass, natural wood and leather
  • Easy handling and reusable - therefore saving money and protecting the environment
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