Artesano 250g

€9,90 €10,90

Imagine enjoying one of life's warmest moments with a cup of fine Artesano coffee. 

We are proud to present to you our fine, hand-picked coffee made from high quality beans, which brings you a flawless, smooth taste; a characteristic of only the finest Colombian specialty coffee. To ensure that you enjoy your coffee experience in its purest form, we harvest, process, roast and seal Artesano 100% within The Farallones Estate.

  • Type : Arabica-Caturra coffee beans
  • Altitude : 1700 +mts
  • Harvesting : 100% manual
  • Wash : Wet process 
  • Sorting : 100% manual 
  • Roasting : Medium
  • Score : 84+ points 

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