Since 1974 Agropecuria Farallones builds upon the knowledge and dedication of various generations. It is reflected today in everything that we do and the result is one of the world's finest coffee which we are proud to share.

The plantation consists of 1000 hectares and 3 million coffee-producing trees situated in a range of altitude from 1600 to 2200 meters above sea level. Agropecuaria Farallones is now one of the largest independent coffee exporters of Colombia.
Its production processes are certified by Rainforest Alliance and it is a proud member of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.

Café de Colombia

Colombian coffee is 100% high-mountain grown Arabica coffee. Only the ripe, red cherries are handpicked and manually selected. They are processed using the wet method only with high-quality mountain water, which is abundant in the country, and fermented at each plantation. 

Also, the country’s privileged geographical characteristics create several microclimates giving Colombian coffee different and unique taste profiles. In general it is known worldwide for its extraordinary smoothness. 

The above advantages, along with the country’s coffee culture, make Colombia the only large producer of exclusive, specialty coffee in the world.