Since our childhood in the coffee-growing region of Colombia, we have preserved our love for our coffee culture and the pride of everyone involved in its production. Throughout our travels around the world, we found that it was actually very difficult to find true, single estate coffee. That is, coffee from a single estate that is full certified and that can be fully traced. We mostly found relatively good Colombian coffee in very local roasteries, but with very limited information and very and unstable availability. We certainly could not find any that could be enjoyed at home.


In 2018, we decided to create the world’s first brand of single estate, specialty coffee that is fully traceable to its origin and transparent regarding its process and logistics: Farallones Estate Coffee. We also decided to build a distribution model that allows you to simply click and receive a specialty, single estate coffee consistently at your home or office with a guarantee that it has never been transported in green form and that it has not been touched by anyone until you unseal it; from the plantation to your home. We believe that this is the only way to be certain of the quality of the coffee that one is enjoying.


We are particularly proud that Farallones Estate Coffee has been extremely well received amongst coffee connoisseurs and in various elite circles in Europe and the Middle East as we continue to expand its presence in those places where the finest is expected. This positive response continues to drive us in spreading that love for our Colombian coffee with the objective for it to be part of your warmest moments.


Thank you for visit us and enjoy our fine coffee.