We proudly produce award-winning, 100% Colombian washed Arabica-Caturra specialty coffee, which is grown and hand processed with the highest traditional standards at an altitude of between 1700 and 2100 meters above sea level. The Farallones plantation is nestled in the western range of Colombia´s Andean mountains, located in the state of Antioquia, which is flanked by 4500 mts high mountains that separate the region from the Chocó jungle to the west.

This unique location contains a microclimate defined by a cold breeze coming from the high mountains at night and very warm temperatures during the day due to the closeness of the jungle. These characteristics of the Farallones del Citará region, as well as, the direct access to the high altitude water sources are a key factor during the processing of our coffees. The water sources have no industrial or human contaminants, thus guaranteeing its absolute purity. The result is higher quality and larger sized beans with the finest tropical taste and exceptional aroma.

Our coffee is technically described as an “Exotic Sustainable Estate Specialty Coffee” following the criteria below:

  • Exotic Coffee: Coffee with unique flavor characteristics grown in geographically defined micro-climatic, agro-ecological or socio-cultural conditions.
  • Sustainable Coffee: The producers of this type of coffee have their processes aimed at environmental protection and the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Ranch Coffee or "Estate Coffee": Produced in farms that have a yield higher than 500 sacks (60 kilos each) per year, and meet the most stringent quality standards of production.
  • Specialty Coffee:  Refers to the whole process from farmer to cup using single origin coffee, which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale.

Our coffee beans can be traced directly to the exact estate where it was grown, picked, processed, roasted and packed. It is the only specialty coffee that has the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certification from the European Union.Farallones coffee is sealed at the estate and sent to your home, without any third party manipulation. This is why it is the only specialty coffee that can actually state “Made in Colombia”, as opposed to just having the label of “Colombian coffee”.

The confluence of the most favorable location, combined with the purest ingredients during the traditional manual processing, as well as, our zealousness in getting the coffee to your cup with absolutely no third party involvement is our guarantee of delivering the most exclusive coffee experience.

This is what excellence is all about.