Hario V60 Drip Kettle Buono Copper 900ml


With this copper kettle you acquire the jewel among the Buonos! The material mix of copper with the nickel coating on the inside, the brass handle and the dark wooden button on the lid is a real feast for the eyes, whereby copper conducts the heat perfectly and distributes it evenly. The antibacterial properties of this high quality metal make it the most popular and at the same time the highest quality material for kitchen utensils. The kettle is equipped with a volume of 900ml, so you can easily fill up to four cups with it. The flat bottom of this kettle enables you to use it on all types of gas and electric stoves!

  • High quality copper kettle
  • Precise water metering and brewing thanks to the narrow neck.
  • High-quality copper conducts heat excellently and distributes it evenly
  • It is equipped with an extra coating to prevent tarnishing
  • Suitable for all gas and electric cookers
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